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Consumer Affairs Dept
6301 Owensmouth Ave., Suite 700,
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Toll Free Tel (888)-942-6650
Fax (510)-653-8895
Email: Consumer_Affairs@wham-o.com

We at Wham-O are proud of our products and are happy to provide replacements claimed under warranty.

A receipt/ proof-of-purchase is required for all items under warranty and in some cases we will ask for the manufacturer’s label as well.

We no longer manufacture any food-based toys, and therefore do not have any of the refills or replacement parts.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

If your answer is still unaddressed, please call our Consumer Affairs Department, or e-mail us, and leave a clear and concise message regarding the product. Please be sure to include your name, address, return telephone number and if available, a fax number. We would ask that if you have an uncommon last name, or if your address includes a difficult to spell street or city, that you spell these out for us in your message.

Kindly be patient with us during the peaks in the Summer & Winter months, as there is a higher percentage of people calling in during those times of the year.  During peak season there will be an approximate delay of 7 business days in responding to your query, and for this, we apologize in advance.

News/PR/Media Contact

Molliee Martin: (818) 963-4228
Email: PR@wham-o.com

Wham-O Employment Opportunities

Wham-O, is the toy and sporting goods manufacturing company with well known brand names such as Frisbee Flying Discs, Hacky Sack Footbag, Slip N' Slide Water Slides, SnowBoogie, BZ ProBoards & Morey Bodyboards.

Please send your resume by e-mail to hr@wham-o.com, or mail your resume to the address below:

Human Resources
6301 Owensmouth Ave., Suite 700,
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

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WHAM-O products are not directly sold through the WHAM-O.COM website. Products are not available in all countries.
To find out if WHAM-O products are sold in your local retail stores we suggest using an online search engine.