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Item #90073 Trac Ball Toss N’ Catch Racket Set
Item Description
Wham-O Backyard Games
Item No.:90073
Name:Trac Ball Toss N’ Catch Racket Set
Product Size: Racket:
53.34cm L x 20.44cm W x 7.62cm H
21” L x 8.05” W x 3” H

27.94cm Dia.(11” Dia.)
Age Grading:5+ years
Packaging:Closed Color Box
Packaging Size:55.88cm W x 26.67cm H x 10.16cm D
22” W x 10.50” H x 4” D
Includes:● 2 Jumbo-Sized Rackets
● 2 Air-Action Balls
Features:● Sail it! Toss it! Curve it!
● Specially designed trac sends the ball flying with amazing distance and awesome curve balls.
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