March 16, 2017

Wham-O Sponsors Healthy Kids Running Series 2017!

Wham-O is excited to announce it is an official sponsor of Healthy Kids Running Series 2017!  Healthy Kids Running Series, or HKRS, is a five week event every spring and fall that offers kids of all ages the opportunity to participate in races ranging from 50 yards to 1 mile. Taking place in over 140 U.S. cities, HKRS motivates kids around the country to get up and get active. HKRS also provides a friendly and welcoming environment for kids to build new friendships and grow their self-esteem.

“Wham-O is thrilled to be sponsoring an event that promotes a healthier lifestyle for kids in the U.S. and around the world. Since its foundation, Wham-O’s ultimate goal has been to motivate kids to get outside, be healthy, and have fun. By partnering with the HKRS, Wham-O is taking yet another step to making this goal a reality for kids everywhere.” –Olga Pronin: Wham-O, Marketing Manager

For more information on the Healthy Kids Running Series and upcoming events near you, check out the locations tab on

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