August 7, 2017

Wham-O’s Licensees: Discovering the World

Over the years, Wham-O has gathered a family of different iconic brands. We are thrilled to share with our readers about our partnerships with such great companies. Today, we’re pleased to introduce our long-time licensee: Discovering the World!

Discovering the World has been around since 1976. They have been the go-to brand for custom imprinting Frisbee® products for close to 30 years now. Some of the Frisbee® brand products that have been custom imprinted on include: UMAX, Jr. Ultimate, Fastback, and Mini. All of the Frisbee® brand products are made and produced in the U.S. but clients are globally represented. Check out some of the Frisbee®s made from Discovering the World!  Custom imprint yours today:

Custom brand imprints on Frisbee®.

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