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The Slip n Slide by Wham-O

InventHelp Commercial - Wham-O Splash Wash


Wham-O Slip-n-Slide Commercial Summer 1988

Brand Story Of Slip'N Slide
Invented by upholsterer Robert Carrier while watching his son hose down their slick concrete driveway and slide down on it, the Slip’N Slide was launched to market by Wham-O in 1961. The magic water slide quickly became a summer staple and an estimated 10 million Slip’N Slide water slides were sold between 1961 and 1992.

In the following years, inflatable elements took the previously flat water slides to incredible 3-D proportions.

Today, Slip’N Slide offers a wide diversity of water slides to satisfy every kid’s needs. From Slip’N Slide core water slides to Slip’N Slide Extreme feature slides and Slip’N Slide Sports themed slides, you will be sure to find the perfect gift for the summer!

Remember, if it’s not yellow, it’s not a Slip’N Slide!

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